Download Young Thug ft Sir Elton John "HIGH" Cover

Young Thug closes "On The Rvn" on an emotional note.

In a game where imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Young Thug has ample reason to be confident. Few can deny the Atlanta rapper's sheer originality, and newcomers may be surprised at the emotion he's able to inject into his music. With an expressive voice and a keen ear for melody, Thug has continuously proven there's more to the man than unconventional swagger. Case in point, On The Rvn closer "High," which features a performance from Sir Elton John.
The track finds Thugger laying down a melodic flow, taking to a subdued piano progression with a reflection of self-worth. Despite the braggadocious lyrical content, Thug's emotive cadence suggests a deeper internal struggle, though such theories are merely speculation. Either way, "High" works on a variety of levels.
John is no stranger to the hip-hop world, having previously collaborated with Eminem and Timbaland, let alone the myriad tracks that sample his work. While inter-genre collaborations don't always work, it's refreshing to hear them pulled off at this level. Salute to Young Thug for having a courageous sense of artistic vision, quietly leading the charge by example.



Quotable Lyrics
I want a train, let's run a train
If she wan' bang, then let her bang
He said he bleeding, where the stain?
My bitch at the top of food chains
They local, I don't even know they name
I been fresh since a kid, ain't never plain
I just picked up a bag and robbed a dame
I'ma whip out the MAC and pop ya brain
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